Africa’s Secret Weapon- Rebirth of Africans in Disapora

Written by Holiness Segun-Olufemi

The tumultuous period in world history of over 400 years ago now has many Diaspora Africans rooting for their names, culture, history, economies, language and self-worth gathering in their numbers to annually commemorate the days their fore-fathers were scattered abroad by the pressures of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and the grave impressions of white supremacy.

A fond memory of ‘Kunta Kinte’ (a man who struggled veraciously to keep the only piece that was left of his culture [his name] during the slave trade, and because of this, had half his right foot cut off, and not breaking his spirit, engraved his roots in the name of his daughter) brings to bear the foundations of Africans in Diaspora not just in owning and preserving our vibrant cultural legacies but also rebuilding interconnectedness, networking and remodeling the African Diaspora as a weapon for African development, more so, a symbiotic relationship.

With the eventual abolition of slave trade and the inclusion of the Emancipation Proclamation law in America as well as in other European countries that upheld democracy, history began to witness the establishment of colonization in the ancestral homes of many African’s in Diaspora, i.e. the Continent of Africa.

Undaunted, colonization and independence only saw a rebirth of Africans in Diaspora, offering them the drive and inspiration to competently pursue trends in the evolution of technology, science, literary world, global economics and a host of others.

This renaissance has afforded Africans in Diaspora the opportunity to be global players as well as astute administrators in various fields which when merged as one tool, can be considered a secret weapon in Africa’s development and a novel resource for many African countries.

It is note-worthy to state that as of today, many African countries have started tapping judiciously into this novel resource which sums up the commemoration of the Africa Diaspora day.

In commemorating the Africa Diaspora Day, the importance and remembrance of history stands as a major part in strengthening the bond between Africans in Diaspora and Continental Africans. Apart from the strong bond the African Diaspora plays in Africa’s integration, it dispels myths and stereotypes about the narrative of the continent of Africa and Africans.

This inter-connectedness has further brought together influential African Descendants who have aided in building networks, innovation and stronger bridges through entrepreneurship, culture, technology, entertainment, arts, law, education and leadership strategies.

Their blueprint places Africa on a pedestal of newness and the long-desired African renaissance. Their prowess and wealth of experiences implants profitable interactions likewise a broad range of investments that is gradually regenerating many African states as well as empowering young African professionals in and out of the Continent.

By and large, harnessing expertise from Africans in Diaspora constitute an intense promotion of African-led businesses, emerging markets as well as enterprises that spur economic growth.

Apart from talents and expertise, they constitute an important tool for tremendous change in the foreign policy of Africa. In fact, an uncertain and uncommon truth is that Africans in Diaspora are largely responsible for Africa’s unity especially critically espying the fact that this community is a make-up of various tribes and descents in the African Continent. With the African continent taking cues from this it crushes in many ways, long standing walls of tribalism.

It is expedient that the momentum of the Africa Diaspora Day is largely supported with the conglomeration of all Heads of State of African countries, community leaders, social influencers, entrepreneurs, athletes, students, public and private institutions, organizations, youth leaders, artists, and every person of African ancestry both at home and in the diaspora.

In like manner it offers an opportunities for Africans at home and in the diaspora to explore new modes of synergy in: education, entrepreneurship, technology, arts and culture, leadership strategies, sports, digitalization, science, literature, media, entertainment, youth development, health, etc.

The African Diaspora Day, (put together by  the Organization of Leadership and Strategic Development OLSD, in collaboration with the Lagos State Ministry of Tourism and Nigerians in Diaspora  Commission NIDCOM) holds on the 24th of July, 2020.

This event will not only educate, inspire and reposition Africans at home and in the diaspora for more advantageous interactions in the future, but will also offer the following:

  • Recognition of outstanding achievements
  • The Badagry Virtual Museum art exhibitions
  • Entrepreneurship training
  • 4th Industrial Revolution insights
  • George Floyd Memorial Center
  • Unveiling Door of Return FOR 2020,
  • Announcing the KOCA Virtual Concert

Being a part of this event will surely open up your eyes to the fact that Africans in the Diaspora stand Sine Qua Non to Africa’s development.

Holiness Segun-Olufemi.

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