All roads lead to Lagos, Nigeria this December for the Biggest Diaspora Homecoming in Africa.

"Those who do not know their history, are bound to repeat it”

Door of Return is a series of cultural, tourism and commercial summits and exchanges that  facilitate and boost  the worldwide  African  Diasporas  to return  to  the  motherland  and subsequently  empowering the people  of  Africa  within  and outside  of  the  African  continent.

Through definitive  structure  of the  6th  region  approved by the Chair  of  AU commission, the people  of  Africa  work  hand in hand with worldwide diasporas  to  right  the  historical wrongs,  and to move past what was and build a prosperous future  forward.

Door Of Return is a partnership with OLSD, NIDCOM and Lagos State Tourism.

For further inquiries contact:

USA: +1(877) 594-1292

Nigeria: +234 902 978 0361