Here is a list of answers to frequently asked questions about the conference.

What is KOCA?

KOCA means Kick Out Covid Africa. It is a virtual concert organized to help contain and eradicate the spread of covid19 in Africa.

Can I view the sessions I registered for online ?

The confirmation email you receive at the time you register will include a link to your registration record. You can also log in to view lorem Ipsum has been the dione conference and event template standard dummy text.

Where is the KOCA venue?

The KOCA concert will be accessed virtually through popular social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Forbes8, Live Television and other online streaming platforms.

What is the purpose of KOCA?

The KOCA virtual concert is organized to create awareness, educate the African populace and raise funds to support African governments in covid19 intervention efforts across Africa.

What is the ticket price?

The KOCA virtual concert is free for all participants. All you need to access is an internet-enabled device and active data subscription, or a television subscribed to KOCA live streaming channels.

How long will KOCA last?

The KOCA virtual concert will hold every Friday night in 25 episodes, for a period of six months.

What will I gain from KOCA?

Participants will gain insights into up-to-date information on the spread and containment of the virus, as well as weekly giveaways of mobile phones, laptops, mobile airtime, data packages, Hackaton, vouchers, branded T-shirts, E-Sports competition, Demo Day, etc.